Friday, December 24, 2010

We are losing it...

In a world of Mountain Dew, deoderant commercials, and skate (soccer) moms and dads, our collective passion has lost a lot of its original essence. Whats new today is easily forgotten tomorrow in our contemporary skate culture. The dollar has become king, reigning high over the first slide, the first grind, the first kickflip, the first smile. We are quickly becomming a people without a history, not because its not there, it has not been written down, or photographed or filmed. We are losing our history because it is no longer marketable. Ask a 7 year old little leaguer who Jackie Robinson or Mickey Mantle are and he will instantly give you the correct response. Ask an 11 year old street skater who Neil Blender is and he probably won't be able to answer. The question is, though, is this a bad thing? This brings to mind the old saying "A people who have forgotten their history are doomed to repeat the mistakes of their past." Its been my my experience that stepping on my skateboard for whatever reason has never been a mistake.

rainy days = skatelab